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Some of the Rules!

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Some of the Rules! Empty Some of the Rules!

Post  SgtScott Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:06 pm

You will find other rules in Frequently asked field questions.

Peoria R/C Modelers Flying Site Rules December, 2006
INTRODUCTION: Under the by-laws established in the constitution of the Peoria R/C
Modelers, the club is required to maintain an up-to-date set of rules governing the club's
flying activity at the club flying site. The club is also required to make such a list
available to each and every member of the club. The following list of rules is hereby
established to govern the flying activities of the Peoria R/C Modelers members, at the
S&S Mini Airport, Peoria County.
1. While operating model aircraft at Peoria R/C Modelers Field, all fliers (members and
guests) shall practice and obey the rules outlined in the official "AMA Safety Code".
2. All club members and guests must abide by the sound level and muffler restrictions
as stated in the "Peoria R/C Sound Program".
3. Guest flyers must be AMA members, must be accompanied by a club member, and
must sign the registration board in order to be eligible to fly at Peoria R/C Modelers
4. Observe frequency control at all times:
A. Obtain the frequency pin from the board.
B. Clip your current AMA card in its place. Do not turn on your transmitter before
you have possession of the frequency pin. In the event another flier is using the pin
for your frequency, coordinate flights with that flier, using this system.
In the case of an organized activity, the contest director will determine the method
of control of frequencies. Failure to properly use the systems will establish
responsibility in the case of an accident.
5. Point your plane away from the spectators and pits when (a) starting the engine, (b)
doing run-up checks, or (c) adjusting the needle valve.
6. Operation of combustion engine powered aircraft before 9:00 AM is prohibited.
7. The boundaries of the flying area are the flight line, the tree line, and the power lines
on the North and South. Never fly outside the 80 acres. Takeoffs, landings, and all flight
operations shall take place in front of the pilot stations. Low passes are to be done
parallel to the centerline of the runway, (North/South) at a safe distance from the pilot
8. If two or more model aircraft are in operation, the operators will space themselves at
a minimum separation of 25 feet as indicated by the pilot stations (radio interference

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