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Frequently asked field questions.

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Frequently asked field questions. Empty Frequently asked field questions.

Post  SgtScott Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:42 pm

When starting the airplane, what direction should it be pointed?
Always away from the spectators (towards the east).

Who is allowed on the flight line?
Only pilots, spotters, and visitors on supervised flight line tours.

Describe our frequency control.
The pilots AMA card must be clipped to the frequency board and the frequency pin attached to the transmitter.

Can a pilot fly without an AMA card?
No. Peoria RC Modelers is a AMA Chapter 313 Sanctioned field. For AMA information, Click here.

Can a pilot fly without the frequency pin?
No. Your frequency pin must be removed before starting your aircraft and replaced after flying for others to use.

Can a pilot fly alone without a solo certificate?

Describe the spectator area.
Behind the fence.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed before or while flying?

What is expected of spectators?
Unless being used as a spotter or on supervised flight line tours, staying behind the fence is required.
Please keep distractions to a minimum and children must be closely supervised at all times by a parent.

Describe the “Pit” area.
The area between the pilot blocks and the road (east of the fence).

When flying, where should the pilot stand?
On or between the pilot blocks.

When are vehicles allowed to park on the road between the spectator area and the pit?
Only when loading and unloading aircraft. Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area at all times.

In what direction do you take off and land?
Into the wind.

Describe the absolute flight boundaries. It is a best practice to fly well within the boundaries below.
Absolutely no flying behind the pilot blocks (West).
Absolutely no flying beyond the tree line (East).
Absolutely no flying over the road (North).
Absolutely no flying over the road (South).

What pattern direction should be flown with a southerly wind?
Left hand or counter-clockwise. Take off and land into the wind.

What pattern direction should be flown with a northerly wind?
Right hand or clockwise.

After flight, can the airplane be taxied into the pits?
No. Shut down the airplane at the pilot blocks and roll or carry it to the pit area.

Describe the procedure for taking off while other pilots are flying.
Stop airplane at pilot block and check to see that no one is taking off or landing. When clear, announce “taking off”.

Describe procedure for landing while other pilots are flying
Announce intentions to land, "landing" so that other pilots are aware and can clear the area.

Describe the procedure for retrieving an airplane on the runway while others pilots are flying.
Check to see that no one is taking off or landing and then announce “on the field.”

What is expected of pilots flying while someone is "on the field."
Maintain a safe distance and altitude until the person is clear of the field.

Where should engines be “test run” for prolonged periods.
At either the peripheral north and south ends of the pit.

Should maneuvers ever be conducted towards the spectator area (west)?
No. All flight maneuvers should be conducted parallel (north & south) or away (east) from the spectator area.

How long should a pilot continue flying?
The flight duration is determined by the fuel capacity, but a pilot should check with other pilots before conducting continuous flights (one after the other). Allow other pilots who are uncomfortable with multiple fliers or those wanting to practice aerobatic maneuvers alone.

Are there special considerations for a new airplane test flight?
Yes. All other fliers should be grounded during a new airplane test flight.

Where should one stand when observing a running airplane?
Behind the propeller and never in line with the propeller.

What special precaution should be taken when fueling.
Keep overflow from getting on grass. When fueling with gasoline, always have a fire extinguisher handy.

How many may fly at one time?
There is no limit. Several may fly at one time. Be sure to follow guidelines for radio frequency use.

What times are available for flying?
- Monday through Saturday No internal combustion engines before 9:00 am
- Sunday No internal combustion engines before 12:00 pm
No restrictions on gliders and electric aircraft.

Where are the trash cans?
We have no trash cans except for special events. Please take all trash when leaving.

What should be announced by a pilot?
Take off and landing. It is also a good practice to announce your frequency when turning your radio on (if applicable). Going on and off the field to retrieve an airplane should be announced.

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